Care Providers and/or Team Members

Care providers and team members provide and/or support primary care delivery. They can include midwives, medical office assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physicians, social workers, Indigenous and community health workers and others who are equal partners in the delivery of high-quality care for patients.

The journey towards quality, team-based care with patients and providers as equal team members means sharing and accessing resources, events and opportunities to support everyone along the way.

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Team huddle

Photo courtesy of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Care Provider and/or Team Member stories

Learn more from other care providers and team members across the province by reading their stories. If you have a story to share about your team’s journey to team-based care, contact us to help spread the word about what you’ve learned.

Team at Northern Health

Photo courtesy of Northern Health

How Northern Health Works Together to Care for Patients

Forming Trusting Relationships
This story is an example of what happens when a health care team, including Dr. McLeod, a family doctor, works with patients over a span of a few years to form a trusting relationship.

Susan was 70 years old when she connected with one of the health care teams (Team Four) in Prince George in 2015. She was quite delirious, had dementia and was in the hospital. The team became involved in her care before Susan was sent home from the hospital, and they determined the level of support she would need to live at home.

Banner image courtesy of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council