Supporting Team-Based Care in BC

Team-based care is a model of health care delivery where many health professionals work together to support a patient’s needs. A key feature is having patients and their care providers be equal partners.

Team Effectiveness Tool

Completing this assessment will help to identify key areas that can guide your team-based care learning journey and is an adaptation of the Saskatchewan Team Effectiveness Tool.

Team-Based Care
Learning Pathway

This pathway was developed to support teams on any stage of their team-based care journey with resources, tools and ideas they can apply to help make team-based care a reality.


Explore our library of curated resources to help support all members, at any stage, of a Team-Based care team.

Team Up! Team-Based Primary & Community Care in Action

The Team Up! Network aims to connect individuals and teams, identify tools to apply to current work underway, and share experiences in team-based care across the province. Find all the recordings from past sessions below.


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Who Guides Team-Based Care in BC?

The Team-Based Care Advisory Group is made up of partners from throughout the health care system, and guides work across the province to accelerate its transition to team-based care. The group provides systems of support for local action to advance high-quality, person- and family-centred and collaborative care that provides the right care, at the right time and in the right place, in a sustainable system.