Tools for Teams: Exploring Psychological Safety (Podcast)

This is the eighth installment of Team Up! Team-Based Primary & Community Care in Action that aims to connect individuals and teams, identify tools to apply to current work underway and share experiences in team-based care across the province.


Psychological safety is a critical, yet often overlooked element in high-functioning teams. The creative thinking, meaningful engagement and collaboration needed for high quality team-based care are only possible when trust and safety are present in a team environment. In this webinar, April Price from BCPSQC introduces key concepts related to psychological safety and introduces a number of tools and strategies that can be applied in practice to enhance psychological safety for teams.

This episode shares the audio from the webinar taking a deep dive into psychological safety and how it can make (or break) a team.

In this episode Morgan and Sarah meet with April Price and Sean Ebert to reflect on the webinar. Listen to what is an engaging conversation that touches on actionable changes and first steps to support psychological safety in teams; reflection on the relationship between cultural safety and psychological safety and the unique capacity challenges (at month 14 of a pandemic) that underscore the value of gratitude, compassion and the space to pause to create supportive environments for teams.

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