Team Up! Reflections from the Field: STEPS Community Health Centre (Webinar)

Team Up! Team-Based Primary & Community Care in Action is a webinar and podcast series that aims to connect individuals and teams, identify tools to apply to current work underway and share experiences in team-based care across the province.


For the May 19 Team Up! Team-Based Primary and Community Care in Action webinar, we were joined by members of the Supporting Team Excellence with Patients Society (STEPS) Community Health Centre to learn more about their approach to team-based care. We discussed how they use an evidence-based approach to identifying personnel needs, and the importance of their vision, mission and values to their hiring practices. Team members shared their experiences working together in this team-based care model and highlight some lessons learned along the way. Check out their website and a recent BC Medical Journal article for more information.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the history and evolution of STEPS.
  2. Hear about team members’ experiences and how they work together in this model.
  3. Relate your experience(s) with team-based care to others working in primary and community care teams across BC.
  4. Identify opportunities for strengthening team-based care at your local sites.


  • Christine Matuschewski
  • Kaila McGann
  • Dr Selena Lawrie

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