Team Up! Podcast: TeamBIT – Attending (Season 2 Episode 7)

Team Up! Team-Based Primary and Community Care in Action is a podcast that brings together primary care providers, healthcare planners, patients, innovators and others to talk about the changes that are happening in primary care in British Columbia.


In this teamBIT episode of TeamUP, Morgan shares the brief practice of attending that you can incorporate into your hectic days to help centre yourself a little bit. This short practice is something he learned years ago as a resident and since then uses it himself and helps to teach it to new residents in family practice.

He is grateful to his own teachers and mentors at St. Pauls’ Hospital who shared this with him way back in the day (Thank you BC, EK, MW, DK, TB, PW, DC and others) and to those who have co-taught this with him (SB, LR and AS in particular).

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