Team Up! Podcast: Patient Perspectives: Recognition and Resilience (Season 2 Episode 6)

Team Up! Team-Based Primary and Community Care in Action is a podcast that brings together primary care providers, healthcare planners, patients, innovators and others to talk about the changes that are happening in primary care in British Columbia.


In this episode Morgan and Sarah switch things up a bit to focus on patient perspectives on resilience. Recognition and gratitude is so important right now (March 2022) across primary care teams- and patients are an integral part of this team. Join them as they listen to patient stories, and reflect on the importance of being seen and being heard in primary care.

Episode Guests
Carolyn Canfield: Pioneering to advance the patient voice, Carolyn became UBC’s first citizen-patient faculty appointment as honorary lecturer in the Department of Family Practice, and is the Innovation Support Unit’s ‘Patient Disruptor’ She is also a frequent keynote presenter for BC patient safety initiatives.
Layton Engwer: Layton is a passionate long-time advocate for including patients’ voices in health systems discussions and a patient advocate at provincial, HA and local levels assisting in the introduction of Primary Care Networks in BC. He established and chairs the Primary Care Patient Voices group in BC.

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