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Team-based care is quickly expanding across British Columbia with province-wide advocacy and support from healthcare leaders and organizations. The words ‘team-based care’ are central in the Redesign cornerstone of the BC government’s recently-released health human resources strategy. Opportunities for interdisciplinary care are rising with recent changes, such as expanded pharmacists’ roles in community pharmacies and new remuneration for multiple professions in GPs’ offices. Yet, there is much variation in how team-based care looks in practice even between similar BC sites in the same healthcare sector.

Considering the differences in how team-based care looks, what do we mean when we use the term ‘team-based care’? What is consistent in our definitions, and what are important variations? How does the definition affect:

  • how team-based care practice is evolving in BC;
  • how research and evaluation reflect understanding about team-based care and inform practice change; and
  • how education influences team-based care practice in the years ahead?

The TBC@UBC Network is hosting a dialogue session on this topic on December 5. Co-facilitators Christie Newton and Lee Yeates will bring contextual information and spark discussion for a lively session with small-group and all-participant conversations.


  • Christie Newton, Associate Professor and Associate Head, Education and Engagement, Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine, UBC
  • Lee Yeates, Clinical Associate Professor, Midwifery Program, Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine, UBC and Co-Lead, Rural Obstetrics Network, Rural Coordination Centre of BC

Did you know…?

TBC on the Run is an open access online module series designed to promote collaborative models of practice and support the development of team-based competencies. Modules cover the foundations of team-based care, interprofessional communication, patient/client/family/community-centred care, role clarification, team functioning, interprofessional conflict management, and collaborative leadership. For more information on the TBC on the Run modules or to access them, visit the UBC Health website.

About the TBC@UBC Network

The TBC@UBC Network, supported by UBC Health, convenes health professionals and leaders, community members, academics, and policymakers to bring forward questions and ideas important for team-based care in BC. The network supports province-wide efforts to enhance team-based care in BC. Together, UBC Health, Doctors of BC, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, and UBC’s Innovation Support Unit aim to offer a responsive and integrated approach to learning on team-based care. This includes showcasing team-based care resources, tools, models, and experiences through Team Up! webinars and podcasts, alongside opportunity for dialogue and exchange of ideas on those topic areas during TBC@UBC Network events. For more information on the TBC@UBC Network, visit health.ubc.ca/tbc.

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