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The Thriving Project supports and enhances the wellness of rural healthcare practitioners, including doctors, residents, nurse practitioners and midwives, from across British Columbia by fostering connections between them and building a community of practice they can draw upon for learning, support, solace and inspiration.

The ‘Providers Thriving Together’ Wellness Conversations Series

The ‘Providers Thriving Together’ Wellness Conversations Series are free monthly virtual drop-in sessions where you can join a facilitated space to experience camaraderie and peer support in the service of activating collective resilience. Each month, presenters—usually rural peers from around the province—will share practices, frameworks or ideas they’ve found useful. Sessions will prioritize time for exploring these themes in both small and large group conversations. For more information about this series, visit the RCCbc website.

Healthcare is crashing! Relaxing into system change using the Two-Loop Model

Join this session on March 6, where you will learn about the Two-Loop Model, which is inspired by looking at the growth and death cycle of living systems. The powerful insights of this model can be applied to how we address the complexity of our rapidly changing healthcare system.

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